Would you like to see government auto insurance?

Would you like to see government auto insurance?
When i lived in Manitoba Canada pictures purchased car insurance I had produced to buy it from the provincial government. When i compared the expense I was paying as to the I would give in other provinces which may have private insurance it turned out that I was paying a reduced price for precisely the same coverage. One year when insurance provider fewer accident claims within the province everyone whom had purchased rates received a rebate of at the least $100 depending in your premium. No private insurance I know of has truly offered a rebate when insurance provider fewer claims.

For two years I was there once you owned a particular car who was a favorite regarding car thieves the government insurance would subsidize people in purchasing some sort of engine immobilizer to avoid thefts. The subsidy prepared everyone`s premiums smaller.

Would you be as an alternative to a government monopoly on auto insurance like it is in Manitoba if it had been cheaper for you your truck owner.
Steve that is one thing I forgot to mention. The people who brokered the insurance coverage were non-government and also sold private life and home insurance.It was not subsidized.
Best Answer:
Saskatchewan has the same system. It also offers property insurance (not obligatory) and other stuff, and seems to make a profit.

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