Worried about the Insurance?

Worried about the Insurance?
I wish to repeat my situation repeatedly ( not crystal clear on my continue one)
Had a auto accident in parking whole lot and caused damage around the door and fender with regard to another car. His insurance explained that is around $2000 to have new pair( We dont know why a good solid pair). so the following is my question:
Initial, he had a fabulous 97 ford, is my insurance covers for a something new for doing it?
2nd, the automotive I was generating isnt really acquire. It is using a name regarding my dads buddy, so is all the insurance.
Will the insurance coverage not cover it so it not the person who registered for the actual insurance driving the item?
3rd I told my dad, he wants my family to deal this personally. He said the business may not cover it since the device not my name relating to the insurance card. of course, if i claim the software, the rate goes up and cost an abundance of funds for futrue insurance policy. but he didnot fully understand it gonna end up being $2000 yet.

Plz tell me what i should do. and which solution is cheaper for me personally.
Best Answer:
Try to deal it out of pocket, otherwise insurance rates will go up much more. You can check how quotes will change here – autoinsurance.undonet.com

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