Why can’t I find an insurance company they will see me a policy?

Why can’t I find an insurance company they will see me a policy?
My best home insurance will probably be coming due in days and nights. I’ve been notified via the carrier that they’ll not be reviving my policy. Furthermore, my car insurance can be coming due within September and currently I’ve been sent a recognize that my premium would be increasing by $300. I’ve been doing your research for someone to dispose of me a home insurance protection and a less expensive costing auto insurance policy, but I’ve been rejected everywhere. I haven’t had a car accident in 12 many years and haven’t submitted a residence claim in 9 ages. What’s going regarding?
I can’t check my credit, because I never had a credit card.
Best Answer:
Why are you trying to do this yourself?

If you find a local agent, THEY can tell you what the problem is.

Some of the problems with homeowners policies could include:

low credit score
location (like, maybe you’re in Florida?)
house in foreclosure
age of house (maybe it’s now over 75?)
lack of updates on your house (like maybe you still have fuses, or knob & tube wiring, or the roof is more than 20 years old?)
type of house (rowhouses are VERY hard to insure, as are flat roofs)

With no claims on your car insurance, the biggest problem is probably your credit score or driving record.

Again, an AGENT can help you pinpoint the exact problem, so you can take corrective actions – and an agent can help you locate a new company in your state.

You can STILL check your credit. Unless you paid cash for your house, you had have a mortgage. Unless you paid cash for your car, you had have a car payment. Your utilities – gas, electric, water, also would count. So you DEFINATELY should pull a copy of your credit report, even if it says there’s nothing there. You can get a FREE copy, once a year, at www.annualcreditreport.com.

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