Who governs or oversee’s claim insurance attorney’s?

Who governs or oversee’s claim insurance attorney’s?
May possibly a car insurance claim that is is process seeing that 2001 my attorney has not yet really been decent with keeping everybody intone with what’s going on. We did make a deal one part but I really believe that he got quite possibly the most out of this settlement, but now we have been getting around with the second half in the claim and my attorney is intending to interrogate me to the accident when We call him. This individual never calls everyone, there was supposed to be a court date yesterday morning but his office advise them to canceled the court docket date. I just wish to know what steps for taking to get all of my information produced by attorney and see it to another and / or what steps to have to sue them for bad home business practices.
Best Answer:
First thing I would do is to write your state’s Commissioner of Insurance. Tell him her everything you know about this, and your insurance and the other insurance company.

There is absolutely nothing that will get you a quicker response from an insurance company than a letter from the insurance commissioner.

The insurance commissioner has the authority to shut down any insurance company that does business within the state. And if you car insurance is with a company that also writes life and medical and property, etc. they must cease signing up new business until the commissioner is satisfied they have treated you according to their contract with you. Insurance companies do not like getting letters from the commissioner; it puts their business in jeopardy, and is a great impetus to make them treat you right.

I am wondering where your agent is in all this? Agents are not all created equal; there are good ones and lazy ones. But with a good agent, you should not even need a lawyer.

And I think you have got a shyster for a lawyer. He probably decided that the part you settled made him the most money, and he’s not willing to put in the time to work for the little that’s left.

And another thing. Lawyers really like to take a case where you do not pay their fee up front, and let them take a third of the settlement. Unless a claim is less than ten thousand, never let a lawyer take your case on contingency. If he wins, he takes his expenses and court costs out first, then takes a third of what’s left for his fee, and you wind up with about 40% of the total award. It’s better to bite the bullet and pay up front.

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