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China Wenzhou 7.23 Fatal Bullet Train Crash, Chinese Netizens Outraged

The high-speed train collision in China on Saturday has shocked the entire world, and the way the country’s railway administrators have handled the aftermath has done nothing to reassure the public of its professionalism. Saturday’s crash, in which four train carriages fell off a viaduct and two derailed in the eastern province of Zhejiang, has [...]

China Wenzhou Train Crash Rear-end Accidents on July 23 2011

At 20:27 on July 23, Beijing to Fuzhou, the D301 train travel to Wenzhou Shuangyu stretch of road, bound for Fuzhou and Hangzhou train rear-end of D3115. Rescuers work at the accident scene in Wenzhou City of east China’s Zhejiang Province, July 24, 2011, after a high-speed train smashed into a stalled train late Saturday. [...]