Someone hit my car and drove away – witness got their reg number?

Someone hit my car and drove away – witness got their reg number?
The car was left outside a friend’s house hold while we ended up being out shopping i absolutely did not read the incident. When we arrived home a neighbor had left an email saying they found someone hit our parked car together with drive away nevertheless neighbour had written down their combination number.

The front bumper is rather scraped and dented and will eventually need replacing. I reported it to police who said we can interview the neighbour along with contact the other driver since they have his enrollment and he left the scene associated with an accident which might be illegal.

My insurance business have arranged pertaining to my car to remain collected a few weeks for repairs (it is drivable) and said they’re going to talk to any neighbour who seen it and communication the drivers insurance corporation.

However they proclaimed if he would not accept liability browsing will still should pay the surplus on any improvements myself.

Can he holiday with claiming the application wasn’t him but will the police command him?
Best Answer:

I am a claims investigator. Basically they will ask if your neighbour is independent and does not know you. In this case just becasue you’re neighbours doesn’t mean you know each other so I think you should be ok there. Hopefully there will be some damage on the other parties vehicle in question. The police will do a DVLA trace on the reg and find the registered keeper.

You’d probably have to pay your XS and recover it back, fingers crossed he is insured as it will just delay the whole thing.

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