Release in full help !!?

Release in full help !!?
i is at an accident wherever another car hit the main i was for. I have recieved a release in whole of all claims stating how much money the insurance company an i’ve agreed upon to the claims.
i just want to ensure that when i sign this they’ll send me the money and it is not a scam to be able to avoid payment.
in addition, it has a spot for witnesses tosign. should i really need a witness considering the fact that so can anybody become the witness?
Best Answer:
This is standard in most companies. The release is a contract between you and the insurance company that states you agree to the settlement and you will not sue the other party, so that they can close out the claim.

The witness section is that someone verifies that you signed it and that when you signed it, they witness you are who you are. You can get a neighbor, co-worker to be there when you sign and then they sign also. But don’t do this if it requires a notarized signature. If so, then have the notary sign as a witness, since they are notarizing that they have verified who you are and verified your signature.

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