Online car dealer sold me car with major problems?

Online car dealer sold me car with major problems?
Benefit! I just bought a used car online through ebay. ’05 w 17k miles. High end dealer, high end van. I did everything I could to ensure it was eventually a good vehicle. Ck’d carfax, ebay’s car and motorbike check program, taken to dealer, all of the clean. Live for MO, picked car up in IL. Appears car was probably in accident. Discovered dealer ask shady mechanic to ck virtually all fluids tires before I left. Power steering fluid shld be sealed not need replacing is now empty, bad run flat tire, bonnet & quarter panel molding have a part # instead VIN, poor oil, more. They claim 100% satisfaction on the website. If they won’t make good on devalue involving car or decide to buy it back can i make sure it again costs them inside lost sales incredibly more than the valuation of my automotive. I want the world to know from the shady dealings! Lemon laws appears vague but My spouse and i don’t believe this is exactly technically a lemon. Would I have a leg to stay on in judge? Where are some benefit places to openly complain where consumers will see? What recourse experience I?
Best Answer:
Complain to the dealer and have the car replaced if you can. While you are at it, contact the Better Business Bureau to figure out your options.

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