My mom is acting very weird. What may have caused her odd behavior (explanation inside)?

My mom is acting very weird. What may have caused her odd behavior (explanation inside)?
About few months ago my mom got laid off of work and additionally lost her health insurance for a few years (although she recently started using it back). She then had an attractive nasty car accident but had not been injured. She began doing absurd claims together with said that your woman was bitten utilizing a rabid bat. Your lady honestly believed your lover was. For about a couple of weeks she claimed which she was on her last few weeks of life. She eventually went around to the doctors and said that she’s got pretty bad your allergies. She then was alright for a few years but now the woman with always holding your ex face and demanding if she can feel hot. She walks around from a hood and sunglasses even in their home. This is extremely odd for my personal mom. A day or two ago she walked by way of little squirrel and additionally asked me if it was eventually possible that she was bitten by the item, and now our company is going through your entire “rabies” thing yet again. My family and It is my opinion she is actually going crazy. It will be worrying me to be able to death because the woman with acting very distinct. What in the entire world could have triggered her odd tendencies?
Happi- She claims she did not, but when we ask her how the accident happens she says she can not remember. The accident was her fault. She hit some guy from behind and it did cause her air bags to fly out.And yes, she is currently on allergy medication, h
Best Answer:
GO TO THE HOSPITAL. This can be a sign of several mental illnesses, possibly stemming from a physical one like head trauma or a mild stroke. Seek medical attention ASAP.
I hope everything turns out okay.

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