Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement question?

Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement question?
I what food was in a car wreck on Fathers Morning,
I was at major 4 means light intersection turning left if your lady from all over the way ran some sort of red light along with hit me intending about 50 mph in a 35, my car was hit over the passenger side plus spun 360 degrees. I dont remember a whole lot of it cause I just was knocked out. I was rushed into the hospital. The lady can be described as 67 year old and claims mistake, I was told I will still look into hiring a lawyer. Why would You need a lawyer in case she admits she did wrong??? Equally, the lady and I both own state farm to get insurance and state farm told me how the process will work and after the many dr visits the claims dept and I’ll discuss a “pain plus suffering” amount. What became a good amount????
Best Answer:
You don’t want or need a lawyer (yet). State Farm will be offering you a settlement. If you don’t accept or can’t negotiate a better settlement, you can THEN hire a lawyer. A lawyer will take a third plus expenses and will likely end up with more that you get.

There is no “set” amount for pain and suffering. Did (do) you have pain? Did (do) you suffer?

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