Minor Car Aciddent (Scratch), Less then $200 No Police Report?

Minor Car Aciddent (Scratch), Less then $200 No Police Report?
Ok, i got suitable literally a tap along with the car. I was traveling maybe 5 miles per hour making the turn and therefore the guy stopped facing me too fast that didnt get the opportunity to fully stop and so i tapped his automobile. He has a scratch how big is an inch or even two. He is planning to endure the insurance or even wants me paying $200 for all the damage. The damage just isn’t worth $200 but there’s no police record yet nor provides there been the claim. I have approved pay $100 nevertheless he wants me paying full price.

Will the insurance pick up on this? Only information he’s is our sms talking about the pricing many pedestrians who “apparetnly” noticed me ram in him. I have several friends who may see the accident to boot.

The main question is your own home insurance will bother or will in addition the police? The cops werent present no pictures were obtained. Only verbal proof and text messages.
The accident happened almost two weeks ago.
Best Answer:
as long as you hit someone, then it will always be your fault. there is a limit as to when the other person has to file a police report, but since the cost of the damage is relatively low (i’m sure your deductible is $500 or more) there really is no point to go through insurance as you would still have to pay the amount yourself.

the police will just take a report of what happened, since it isn’t that big of an accident, they really won’t care too much about it (i got rear-ended and they paid pretty much no attention).

the only thing to be careful about is that this person won’t come back for more money. if you just give him $200, he may come back again or say that he now has whiplash or something, and then you may have to pay him again.

i say, offer to pay the bill to fix the damage, that way you have proof that they got the car fixed, and the other person can’t squeeze money out of you.

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