Lavery, Faherty, Young & Patterson P.C. Reviews and Complaints

OUTSTANDING SERVICE AND OUTSTANDING VALUE Lavery, Faherty, Young & Patterson is a full service litigation firm providing cost-effective yet tough-minded defense representation for insurers, self-insureds, employers, government entities, property owners and individuals.We are cost-effective.You pay for quality services, not enormous overhead. Our resources and experience are comparable to those in the litigation departments of the largest law firms. Our operations are streamlined and efficient. This ensures your legal dollars pay for top-quality legal service, not an elaborate building and large staff.We produce results. You can trust our experience.Our skilled attorneys handle a wide variety of complex and challenging matters including: civil liability, workers’ compensation, labor and employment, unemployment compensation, eminent domain, criminal defense and other areas. Practicing in federal, state and administrative courts and in labor arbitration we have achieved thousands of favorable decisions. We also assist clients in planning strategies designed to settle cases or avoid litigation.We are centralized.You receive timely services and clear communications. We have one office, period. Although it may be impressive on letterhead, having multiple offices increases client costs and decreases communication efficiency. By operating from a single location, we can quickly resolve issues, expedite critical documents, and make resources immediately available to our clients. Our location in Harrisburg provides the ideal location to provide our outstanding service and outstanding value. We are focused.You receive close attention to your unique needs.We don’t try to be all things. We are a litigation firm. Limiting our focus allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality and sophisticated legal services available in these areas, in a manner that is personal, timely, and cost-effective.
Phone: (717) 233-6633
State: Pennsylvania
Address: 225 Market St, Harrisburg, PA 17101

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