Is there any way to appeal a Car Accident claim?

Is there any way to appeal a Car Accident claim?
My husband was involved in an accident a couple of months ago at a great intersection his gentle was green along with the lady he experienced a wreck with had a solid pink light. Well he is getting screwed well i am really because for whatever reason this lady swears that she were at fault thinking that my husband was one who ran the light, (even though he saw his light source go from environment friendly to yellow to red as soon as they had collided). Anyways he likewise saw no witness’s with the scene, at any time of the crash. So there law enforcement showed up and no police report has been taken because there was clearly no injuries to be able to either her nor my better half. Now a couple of months later we find a letter in the mail stating that there seems to be a witness that my hubby never knew about where they swear that the following woman was not for no reason at fault and definitely her insurance agrees with her and considers her. We are acquiring screwed and owe her insurance company two or three thousand dollars plus I’m sorry can’t genuinely afford that. But so much aside is presently there anyway we or the crna can appeal this issue? Like take this insurance vendor to court or something just for this? I mean he was never aware about some witness not saw a witness inside the scene either its almost like this woman he experienced an accident with composed this person or even something… I need some advice and a few help please!
Best Answer:
I’d call the court house and ask or call a lawyer up and get some basic free advice.

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