Insurance Effective Dates?

Insurance Effective Dates?
I purchased coverage from GEICO upon 2 18 2009. Am I insured as soon as I purchase the policy?

My wife and additionally I received your vehicle from my parents to be a gift and that they dropped the insurance previously me getting latest coverage. My wife was a student in an accident on 2 18 2009, and when we left for switch our drivers license from SC (an at-fault state) that will NJ, we identified her license is suspended for failure to grant proof of policy cover. I asked the insurance broker to fax to SC DMV, they usually said the useful date was three 19 09. Why would there often be a day delay? We don’t really need to file a declare, as the accident is not her fault; the at-fault party’s insurance broker handled everything. All we end up needing is GEICO to find out the state how the vehicle was insured so you can easlily get the suspension removed. The state wishes charge me to reinstate the license as well as vehicle registration, but I do not own the vehicle (it is due to a junkyard somewhere)…
Best Answer:
The only people who are going to effectively answer this question is GEICO. We have no way to access GEICO’s computer system to see when the policy was purchased or what the agreed upon effective date was. Look at the liability card that GEICO sent. Does it have an effective date of February 19, 2009? If so why wasn’t this brought up with them then?

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