I got in an accident the other day and…?

I got in an accident the other day and…?
Now i’m 17 years classic and rear ended your vehicle the other evening. I left my phone owner’s name and way to get hold of me and right away told my mothers and fathers. We waited for any lady’s phone contact (Which I appeared missing cause I just were getting ready for one date.. ) but she left a voice message. When I told my dad what the principles said he told me to brew a claim to the Insurance and provides her the material. So I performed. I made a claim, then called the girl back and presented her the Coverage name, claim selection, and number of which my Insurance might reached at.
She now wishes file a authorities report. Is that good? or a awful thing. I don’t seriously know….
Best Answer:
It’s neutral. A police report will just document what happened, where it happened, and why it happened, for insurance reasons, and to make sure that if someone was at fault, they are ticketed. The worst thing that may happen to you is that you will get a traffic violation ticket, depending on if it was your fault. Some states have “no-fault” driver insurance. Depends on what happened.

In case an accident happens again, you need to call the police IMMEDIATELY upon the accident. I know it’s a pain in the ***, especially if you are on your way somewhere, or don’t have a phone, but it really protects both of you that way. For all you know, she could tell the police that you were tailgating her, driving erratically, and hit the back of her car. She would say this so the insurance would pay for all damages. Who knows, maybe she wouldn’t stop there. She might say you hit the back of her car, and pushed her whole car into a tree so the whole car is ruined. When the cops show up to inspect the damage, she would have crashed her car to smithereens so your insurance will not only pay for her back end to get fixed, but why not?, pay for just a brand new car. it’s your word against hers now, and if she is the one filing the police report, she looks like she is being the more “honest” one.

I would call her back, politely ask whether or not she filed a report, and make sure you see what was said in the report. If anything is not truthful, you need to talk to the officer she talked to and make sure YOUR facts are stated in the report.

And you can also explain what happened, how it was an accident, and not that you had road-rage and left the scene or something. (She may have even said that you just took off and she had no way of reaching you)

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