How much from a traffic accident claim?

How much from a traffic accident claim?
My spouse and i was recently needed for a traffic automobile accident where it wasn’t our fault. I was stopped at the red light yielding to traffic trying to have a right turn once someone rear-ended everybody at about 20-30 mph. I have done see the medical professional and chiropractor for whiplash and some other bruises, however , nothing serious. I kept finding the runaround by my unresponsive insurer. So, I began employing a lawyer who is likely to put in a claim depending on my physical injuries and also emotional distress I’ve had during the last several days (get anxious just riding in a car). My problem is: is there a standard amount beyond the medical bills which can expect? That could be, is there a standard settlement amount in a situation like this?
Please no answers related to how you hate lawyers or that the lawyer will take 1 3rd. Just give me an idea (if you have any) of what you think the claim is worth. Give me a range you think is reasonable. THAT’s IT!!!!
Best Answer:
You don’t say where this loss occurred. The threshold requirements vary from state to state. Some are monetary, others are verbal, and in some states you need to sustain a serious injury. A whiplash injury would not be considered serious. You also need to prove your alleged anxiety. You need medical proof before such an allegation is considered.

Your claim will be evaluated after you have stopped treatment. It is evaluated based on the nature and extent of your injury, disability and treatment. Assuming you do not live in a state where PIP coverage is mandatory(PIP pays for your meds and lost wages), your medical expenses and any lost wages will be included.

Case value also varies from state to state. A simple soft tissue injury in MA would settle for $4k(assuming you treated for at least 12 weeks), but the same injury would settle for $6k or so in CT.

You should direct your question to your attorney who will be taking at least 1 3 of any settlement.

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