GOOD PEOPLE of this World?

GOOD PEOPLE of this World?
Everytime there exists a problem someone always blames the additional party. Car accidents just like. Ask both parties it absolutely was the other person’s mistake. Divorces. If folks are as nice, tolerant, as they claim to remain why are there a great many problems? For a lot of reason, I truly have fun here when people are generally upfront about remaining their flaws, as opposed to always blaming any society. Who is certainly society? Why achieve people blame typically the media for anything also? I don’t think that the media has anymore impact on people than want to it to.
Best Answer:
Because in this world, no one wants to be at fault. We want to come out looking like the saint instead of owning up to our faults. I always thought it was more honorable to admit your wrongdoings and learn from them than proving that you weren’t at fault (rationalizing) when you really were.
Yes, the media does influence what we do to a certain extent (socialization), but when a person goes and kills people and blames it on video games, you have to ask, “how many other people killed people because of video games?” Now, society (the people) can influence behavior. Take Jim Crow South. It was the norm to hold racist beliefs. If you were raised that way, you would more likely than not be racist too. The media is the easiest scapegoat because one can’t escape the media. It’s the biggest form of socialization, therefore everyone is exposed to it.

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