Does car insurance cover this type of accident?

Does car insurance cover this type of accident?
As i was entering a new parking lot by having a narrow entrance adjacent to a beach. Uv rays was glaring at my face and a substantial yellow metal person of polish lineage was camafliged that will separated the entrance on the exit- really lame to set it there. I crashed go on right into it and it also completely smashed upwards my 4-runner. Now i’m so upset, might cost thousands auto repairs .. Does insurance go over this and wouldn’t it make my rates get higher if I believed it? This is due to CA.
Best Answer:
It is a collision and if you have collision coverage it may be covered subject to your deductible. Call your agent. I hate it when those poles jump out in front of you and damage a vehicle too. If you believe that it would cost “thousands” to repair, why in the world would you be worried about a rate increase? Any rate increase, if there ever is one, would be no where near ‘thousands”.

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