Do I need to claim disability income on my taxes?

Do I need to claim disability income on my taxes?
Document was injured in an accident by a driver with out license. I was jobless for 6 a few months and received disability using a policy with Principal Insurance. The policy co payments were payed 100% by simply my employer introduced and the reward was offered unengaged to everyone at the corporate. Do I require to claim this money on my income taxes? Also, will the software increase or drop my refund?

I look forward to speaking with the underwriter and my HR representative first nevertheless but I’m particularly curious. Thanks for those help!
I never received a W2 from Principal or anything. Is there a way to get this information?
Best Answer:
If your employer paid the premiums, yes the benefits are taxable income to you and you should have gotten a W-2. If you had paid the premiums, then the benefits wouldn’t be taxable. Contact Principal Insurance or your employer.

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