Damage from rear-end collision for unibody frame?

Damage from rear-end collision for unibody frame?
Concerning a 2009 Sante Fe. I was at a highway auto accident and was reached from behind because of a semi. Hyundai backed crumple zone previously worked fantastic, by exactly how. My granddaughter and additionally I walked aside, her with not any injuries and all of us with just muscular stiffness…. My topic is: the backside end was crunched, backed driver’s quarter -panel, back bumper, carry gate, back magnifying glaas, all the signals, floor of products area, rear element of exhaust system had been all destroyed. Since I had an incredibly hard time opening the rear doors and the the top of car, driver’s section, is buckled, I’m assuming an entire rear-end was crumpled frontward. Would my car be regarded totaled? I haven’t previously had an estimate however, but I wishes to have some research at your fingertips when I discuss with the claims adjuster thursday. Help?
Best Answer:
09 No unless the Frame is Damaged Bent but make sure they (Good Body Shop) check it Very Close

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