Collection agency?

Collection agency?
My husband had a car accident and there was no police report . I called the insurance and they refuse to pay because my husband was excluded from the policy. The driver that my husband hit claimed he had back pain after he got an attorney… i have a bill of a collection agency charging me $26,000 for his bumper and the therapy he was receiveing. The collection agency refuses to show me the invoices of the medical expense. I called the agency and the girl started yelling at me and said that she cant give the medical records. What can I do to know if that was the amount if they refuse to show me proof.
Best Answer:
I own a subrogation recovery company that handles claims for insurance companies against uninsured people. We are not a collection so we don’t treat people like crap, like most collection agencies do.

I’ll spare you the lecture about driving without coverage, so here are some things for you to consider.

1. They can’t give you the medical records due to the Federal privacy laws. No way around that unless the injured person allows it in writing and that won’t happen. Sorry, but by not having any insurance coverage you lose the right to see the medical records. If you had insurance, your company would have been allowed to see those records as they have an exemption to the privacy law in order to settle insurance claims.

2. You don’t say what state you are in, but in most states you have the right to see copies of any checks the other company used to pay the medical bills. Ask for copies of the checks for both the car damage and the medical bills.

3. In many states you are allowed to get “redacted” copies of the medical bills. The collection agency can black out (redact) the personal info from the medical bills and then send you copies so you can at least verify the amounts. Keep in mind that insurance companies aren’t in the habit of paying for injuries that don’t need to, so there is a good chance that the med bills are legit.

4. You also have the right to the documentation on the vehicle damages. Ask for copies of the damage estimate AND photos of the car.

5. Ask for a breakdown of the payments.
A. Car damages
B. Medical Bills
C. Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UMBI – it would have been a payment for “pain and suffering”)

6. Try to find some way to voluntarily settle this matter so the collection agency doesn’t end up suing your husband. That will had attorney fees and interest to the original debt and trust me you don’t want that. It can easily add thousands to what is already owed.

7. In many states, the collection agency has to take a “reasonable” monthly payment from your husband if he offers it. Don’t expect the collection to be honest with you about this so you should check with your states commerce dept or insurance commissioner office to find out for sure.

8. Anybody who tells you to get a lawyer is just nuts. A lawyer will charge you $100 per hour to help you do stuff you and your husband can do yourselves.

Good Luck

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