China Wenzhou Train Crash Rear-end Accidents on July 23 2011

At 20:27 on July 23, Beijing to Fuzhou, the D301 train travel to Wenzhou Shuangyu stretch of road, bound for Fuzhou and Hangzhou train rear-end of D3115. Rescuers work at the accident scene in Wenzhou City of east China’s Zhejiang Province, July 24, 2011, after a high-speed train smashed into a stalled train late Saturday. As of 9:30 a.m. (0100 GMT) Sunday, the death toll has risen to 35 and 210 others were injured. The accident occurred on a bridge near downtown Wenzhou when high-speed train D301 rear-ended D3115. Four carriages of D301 fell off the viaduct while two carriages of D3115 were derailed.

China Wenzhou 7.23 Train Crash Rear-end Accidents

After the accident, General Secretary Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao, Zhou Yongkang, comrades, Zhang Deputy Prime Minister and other central leaders were given important instructions that the first task is to save people, the Ministry of Railways to go all out to organize local public security, the full support of health and other forces. To identify the cause of the accident, properly deal with the aftermath. Minister of Railways Sheng Guangzu, Zhejiang Governor Lu Zushan other concerned departments has led emergency scene.

Time of the incident, reporter Hongtao Voice of the Straits in Fujian D301 is the first four cars. According to Liu Hongtao, the incident when he was sleeping, suddenly felt violent shaking inside, was awakened and found dark, upside-down windows and doors, luggage flying.

7.23 Train Crash Rear-end Accident China Rescuers Work

Liu Hongtao, recalled that he climbed out the window with the light phone and found that the train he was riding a train collided with the opposite, the first few cars have been dropped under the bridge, damage is very serious. “There were a lot of people knocking at the door holding a hammer in the window, accompanied by cries, cries for help.”

“Terrible crash scene, roll to the car is crushed under the bridge destruction.” Liu Hongtao on the scene saw a few casualties, some of the wounded have been unable to move, including a 40-year-old woman wounded lying on the ground weak breathing, the passenger next to her chest pressed, then transported by ambulance personnel on the ambulance.

24 am, rescue workers at the scene under the leadership of Liu Hongtao, and some of the passengers left the scene walking. It is understood that due to the large number of accident victims, Zhejiang Provincial Health Department officials have led the four medical teams rushed to the scene of the accident, to carry out medical relief.

Wenzhou emergency donation of more than 200 people late at night

7.23 China Zhejiang Bullet Train Collision

After the accident, Wenzhou was an emergency blood stocks. Health Department of Zhejiang Province, Lishui and Taizhou first time from deployment to enhance protection of the blood. Blood Center of Wenzhou Chen told reporters, after 23 midnight, more than 200 people in Wenzhou Wenzhou blood center to donate blood voluntarily, the entire hall is packed with people, the team has lined up in front of the blood center.

According to local media reports, Wenzhou, at 1:00 on the 24th or so, Wenzhou City Blood Center has a serious blood saturation, blood donation center of the door leading to the large number of public traffic congestion. “Very touched that these people are spontaneously rushed over to donate blood for the wounded do their force.” At the scene of a media reporter said.

Currently, the Health Department from Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, Lishui deployment plasma has served Wenzhou, Wenzhou blood bank temporarily ischemic. “At present, the blood inventory being good enough, but people line up to donate blood at night really makes the scene very moving. Wenzhou people are very loving, 24 blood centers during the day and advised the public to donate blood again.” Wenzhou Blood Center Director Chen said.

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