my spouse and i was recently within the car crash and the other driver publicly stated liability however as well as injured and within other injuries relating to whiplash and i will be thinking of setting up a claim can everyone tell me as well as give me an idea on how much compensation most definitely i’ll get for some whiplash injury i decided to hospital and that they diagnosed it i really was wondering simply how much will i be entitled to? thx.
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Hello Harvey.

This is a very hard question to answer as the whiplash injury recovery time is particular to each person hurt in a road traffic accident and some people recover quicker than others depending on force of impact, age and type of vehicle.The compensation amount can include loss of past and future income, damage to your vehicle and any property, vehicle hire, medical expenses for the past and for the future, pain and suffering including psychological damage, effect on social and domestic life, insurance excess, all expenses in relation to the claim and this can be arranged so you keep everything that is awarded along with no deductions.

I have been involved in this industry since 2004 and take pride in the fact i have and am still helping people who are in need of help and support and this is done via a home visit or over the phone and can be arranged through our panel of specialist personal injury solicitors who have considerable experience in successfully pursuing all types of personal injury.

If you care to contact me you are more than wellcome to discuss the merits of your case with me and i can inform you how i can help you and what the process involves and what you need to do.

I hope i have been of some help and hopefully you make a quick recovery from your injuries.

Take care



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