Can I be held liable for my roommates accident?

Can I be held liable for my roommates accident?
Your buddy had an automobile accident in his ex-girlfriends car. He lived when camping when she renewed her policy, and couldn’t disclose him. He recently moved assistance programs were with her. This license is dangling and he solely had an at-fault accident in her auto. Her insurance is requesting for a proof of residency letter to state that he lived when camping when her policy was written before they will even “consider” the claim. My question is certainly am I opening myself as many as any liability (home or auto) by giving this letter?
No it’s truthful, he did live with me when he renewed. The supposed angle is they want proof he was not living in her home, didn’t have access, and therefore not driving her car whenever he wanted.
Best Answer:
If you lie on this document it’s the same as perjury in a court of law. Let him suffer for his own choices. Don’t take the fall with him

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