Brand New Car hit, I am confused about what to do?

Brand New Car hit, I am confused about what to do?
I was just in an automobile accident, it was deemed the full fault of additional driver, her coverage is handling all the claims. My concern will be that my car was only 2 weeks unwanted and was brand-new, now if the software isn’t totaled out We are getting a utilized fixed car. Along with a branded title, Actually, i know I can require depreciated value, but I like what I covered for… A brand fresh VW rabbit… stuffed. Not a remedied one. They also said it is 6 weeks before it really is fixed, my husband comes home from Iraq inside 3 weeks, of which this is my first innovative car. He hasn’t also seen it and also our first payment ended up today and just what exactly am I generating… a Rental!!!! Now we have always bought car, to save, and here our first completely new on gets individuals screwed over!!! Do i insist on the latest car, if I don’t was anything different????
Best Answer:
If your vehicle is repairable, that is all you can ask for and perhaps Diminished Value as well.

If it is totaled out you will get the ACV. However, most insurance companies will base the settlement on the Bill of Sale less mileage.

My insurance company now offers – New Car Replacement Program. They “will replace your new vehicle with no depreciation charged if it is declared a total loss. This program is available to you if your car is less than one year old, has less than 15,000 miles, and was not previously owned.” Maybe yours does too?

It stinks that your new car was damaged, but unfortunately that is just the way it is.

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