Auto accident – injury claim – pain and suffering?

Auto accident – injury claim – pain and suffering?
Accident details:
- My husband and I live in Illinois and we were in a car accident at 45mph
- The car and insurance were under my name
- He was the driver and caused the accident (I was in the passanger seat)
- the car was totalled
- my husband had minor injuries

My injuries
- lots of bruising (immediately apparent)
- i suffered a concussion (determined several days later at a follow up appointment)
- i have a broken foot (a 4mm break) (determined 2.5 months after the accident)

Broken Foot Details
- in the ER xrays were taken of my foot, but they did not see that my foot was broken.
- i walked on a broken foot for 2.5 months but being in so much pain (felt nausous from just sitting down) that i went in again.
- after that doctor’s visit (including more xrays), a poditrist visit and a CT scan, it was determined that my cuboid bone was broken (4mm).
- i had surgery to have a screw put into my foot.

Fall out from foot injury
- i have been unable to work on fixing up my investment property since the accident
- we have been unable to finish it to put it on the market.
- we are really behind mainly due to this accident and that they didnt see that my foot was broken for 2.5 months

Uninsured Motorist Insurance Details
- i had 5,000 in medical payment (which I thought were very low to what I thought I was paying for) which has been maxed out
- we were told that since i was the passenger I would be covered under the uninsured motorist coverage.
-> Can someone explain this to me?

Injury Claim details
- my insurance person said that since i did not cause the accident, i could make an injury claim
- i was told that i would get compensated for any time off relating to the accident covered along with pain and suffering
-> 1st…. does an injury claim mean i am suing my own car insurance?
-> 2nd….approximately what would my pain and suffering be based on all of this?
Best Answer:
no you arent suin your own insurance, you are just benefiting from paying for insurance for all the years, it should only go up because your husband caused it. unless you have lost wages on your insurance plan, you wont get any money from that. and it actually sounds like since you are saying its an investment property, its not a job, so you most likely arent going to get too much out of this. just based on my experience, depending on how much you have insured under 3rd party benefits, id say you would be lucky to walk away with 5-10 grand, id say closer to 5

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