Andrew P Motel, ESQ Reviews and Complaints

In Order To Choose the Right Lawyer, the Lawyer, Should Be Ready and Willing To Answer Some, Basic, But Important Questions. So Be Sure, To Ask:, Does the Attorney Limit His Practice of Law To, Injury Cases OR Does He Also Handle Other, Legal Matters That Will Demand His Attention, Representing Individuals and Facility Only,, Not Corporations OR Insurance Companies., Will the Attorney Personally Handle My Case,, Or Let an Associate Attorney Take Over?, It Mr. Motel Takes On Your Case, He Will, Personally Handle the Matter., While Most Cases Settle “Out-Of-Court” Before A Trial, If Your Case Must Go To Trial,, What Is the Attorney’s Experience, Not in Philadelphia OR Elsewhere, But in Chester, County Before Our Judges and Juries?, Mr. Motel Has Tried Many Cases Here in Chester County. As A Life-Long Resident,, He Knows the Judges and Is Familiar With the People Who Serve On Our Juries., Any Other Question You Want To Ask!, Dealing With A Loss OR Injury Is Hard Enough: Don’t Try To Guess What You Lawyer, Knows OR What the Answer To You Questions Might Be: Just Ask. A Lawyer Worthy, Of Your Confidence and Trust Will Not Be Offended by You Questions., Makes The, Difference, A Good Lawyer Will Give You, Honest Answers To, Your Questions And, Help You Handle The, Unexpected., Exton, Downingtown, Coatesville, Parkesburg, Honeybrook
Phone: (610) 431-3200
State: Pennsylvania
Address: 330 N High St, West Chester, PA 19380

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