1st “accident” today any personal similar experiences? plz help!?

1st “accident” today any personal similar experiences? plz help!?
So today I was coming to a red light and was stopping ( was basically fully stopped) I was putting the cap back onto my soda, and dropped it causing a spill, so I jumped, and accidentally idled into the car in front of me (barely tapped into it) causing a little bit of paint to be chipped off of her car. My luck it was a little old lady who to me appeared to be the type who will act like shes hurt and try to get any penny she can out of the situation. I know it was my fault but it was an honest mistake, and luckily was nothing critical.

At first she was fine, just pissed off, she insisted on calling the police, police showed up, the officer was very short and seemed frustrated because his time was wasted. As soon as he goes to talk to her she says I slammed into her and it jerked her neck, but he wasnt buying it he let her know he saw her walking around moving her head around and that she is fine. Later when he talked to me he let me know he marked on the report that noone was hurt, she had pre-existing damage to her car, that I just chipped some paint, and that I only idled into the car.

sorry for the long story, my question out of this is, can she claim for an injury (im sure she will try) if theres no way to show the accident could have cause it? and if it she is able to what will happen to me?

all answers are appreciated. THANK YOU!
Best Answer:
Cliff her car. No evidence = no case.

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